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27 June 2010 @ 01:03 pm
 I hope it's alright for me to do this, seeing as I'm not the mod. But darnitall, it's WALL-E's birthday. I know the fandom has shrunk a bit and this may be a small celebration, but I gotta try!


Ganking the rules from our wonderful mod;

Comment with a prompt or phrase (i.e. "pear", "the clock winds down", "strike", etc.). Anyone can then write something inspired by that prompt and reply to your comment with what their response. You can reply to your own prompt, but anyone can comment to the same prompt a dozen times over if they like. You can give more than one prompt (separate comment, of course), respond to more than one prompt, and all that jazz.

(Of course, if you want to keep posting prompts and writing after WALL-E Day is over, I'm not gonna complain. xD)
13 May 2010 @ 03:04 am
Actually.... One drabble. I mean, pretend there's one. The other one came out kinda terrible. ;_;

Title: Telling EVE
Character(s) and/or Pairing(s): WALL-E/EVE
Rating: K+
Warning/Spoilers: Spoilers for the movie.

It was a lot to explain, even to her.

Title: Sunshine
Character(s) and/or Pairing(s): WALL-E, Humans
Rating: K
Warning/Spoilers: Spoilers for the movie.

In the end, it's all weather.

03 February 2010 @ 09:46 pm
Hi again! I finished another Wall-E fanfiction and wanted to share. I hope everyone likes it.

Title: Years
Characters: Wall-E, Eve, M-O
Rating: G
Warning/Spoilers: Takes place after the movie, so probably best to see it first. Won't say it's necessary, though.
Summary: One day, when it was quiet, Eve asked Wall-E about what life was like before everything happened...

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15 January 2010 @ 10:12 pm
Hi everyone, I've been visiting this group on and off for a while now, but since I finally wrote a fanfiction that falls into movie canon, I decided to pluck up my nerve, join, and share. This is the first I've written for a 100 fanfiction challenge I'm doing to myself alongside a 100 art challenge. I hope you like it. (Sorry if anyone sees this twice, as I posted it on the buy_n_large comm as well.)

Title: Theme 31: Death
Characters: Wall-E, Hal, brief appearance of Eve
Rating: G
Warning/Spoilers: Mention of death
Summary: Of all the robots, Wall-E was the most alive. But life was not what Wall-E was most familiar with...

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11 January 2010 @ 06:35 pm
Apologies for not having posted to this comm much lately. After the summer's 38-part Mega 'Fic, I needed something of a break from "WALL-E" stuff. lD; Nonetheless, here's a little something I made today that I figgered you'd all appreciate, with bonus fanart no less. Enjoy. ^_^

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Title: All That Love's About: A WALL-E/EVE Shipping Manifesto
Character(s) and/or Pairing(s): WALL-E/EVE

Rating: K+
Warning/Spoilers: Spoilers for the movie. Also, long essay is long.
Summary: A film study focused on WALL-E and EVE's relationship. Technically meta, but the mod gave me permission to post it here. Thank you very much mod! :)

Take a chance, throw it all on the line, draw in a deep breath and throw open the door, cause that's what a heart is beating for.o
28 August 2009 @ 11:35 am
This is my first post in this community, but I wanted to share this Wall-E universe story, even if it is a little atypical.

Title: Posterity
Characters/Pairings: An unnamed human (with a cameo
appearance from M-O)
Rating: G
Warnings: Spoilers for the end of the film
Summery: Not everybody was elated about the Axiom's return to earth...

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Well.  This is it.  The last day of the Ficathon.  It's actually kinda hard for me to believe.  Still...it's been a blast putting this on for everyone, and I hope you've all enjoyed it as much as I have. ^_^ 

As always, I want you to know all 38 prompts are available, even though the Ficathon's over, so if ever you feel the urge, don't hesitate to look through the list and pick one that suits your mood. :)

And now...let's bring this puppy home! 

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04 August 2009 @ 12:10 am
Prompts from both the Birthday Ficathon and the old promptfests (hope you don't mind I put them in these new entries. Nobody looks at the old promptfests anymore I like my stuff to be read. Crazy, I know. :P) used.

Even though I didn't mean to, these almost feel joined. Like a sequence of events. So I'll post them here in that order.

Title: Error
Character(s) and/or Pairing(s): WALL-E

Rating: K+
Warning/Spoilers: Spoilers for the movie.
Summary: But it was his directive.

"I've waited all this time...and I simply can't wait any longer."

Title: Start
Character(s) and/or Pairing(s): EVE

Rating: K+
Spoilers for the movie.
But it wasn't her directive. It was the opposite. Yet it was so attracting.

The song EVE has a very free feel, constantly pushing upward, though a bit muffled at times.

Title: Answer
Character(s) and/or Pairing(s): WALL-E/EVE, WALL-E Centric

Rating: K+
Spoilers for the movie.
Summary: But what was the directive?

"It's because I met you That I began to walk toward the future I want to know the answer To the question of why I was born"

We've come to the final two days of the Ficathon, starting here.  After this, it's just one last chapter...one last prompt.  37 prompts to pick from, guys; if you want to join the fun, now's the time.  And speaking of...

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